PV valve

PV valve

High velocity pressure vacuum valve is designed to protect marine vessel systems, including cargo tanks, that may be subject to gas/vapour pressure or vacuum outside the designed parameters of the system/tank.
This valve is also designed for devices to prevent the passage of flame into cargo tanks in tankers and to relieve excessive over pressure or under vacuum of cargo tanks during cargo loading, discharging, ballasting and thermal variations.

Key Benefits

●Flat or tandem seal.
●No loss of steam.
●Function uninfluenced by upstream or back pressure.
●Any installation position – in horizontal or vertical pipes.
●Large hot water flowrates even at low differential pressure.
●Inner parts made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
●Wear-resistant membrane film of Hastelloy.
●Three different types of membrane for different areas of use.
●Long service lifer.

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