globe valve

Angle Type Globe Valve

Product Range

Standard: ISO, DIN,GB EN, BS, ANSI,API, JIS, etc
Size : DN5~DN500
Rating : PN6~ PN640
Body Materials : nodular cast iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel,etc.
End connection : welding, internal thread, external thread, card sleeve, etc.
Face to face standard : ISO 5752, EN558, DIN3202 etc.
Flange accommodation: EN 1092; ASME Class 150LB; GB/T2506, etc. OPeration/actuation : hand wheel, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.
Optional: Locking devices, indicator, Position switches, etc.

Marine and offshore, steam, petrol/fuel oil, neutralgases, lubrication oil, cold and warm water

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