garbage baler,garbage compactor

Electric hydraulic type garbage baler

BG-EH series balers are oriented to facilities that handle normal volume of soft waste including cardboard, paper, cans, bottles, rags, film, food and other soft packaging materials. They are ideal options for facilities like mall, retail stores, hotels, houses, grocery stores, offices, hospitials, marine and offshore.
BG-EH series balers are supplied waste containers, which can compact the waste with big bags in the containers, easy operation simple, stable work, safe and reliable.
These balers are featured with samll footprint and low height, they are good choice for locations with height and sapce limitations.

Key Benefits

• Stainless steel units suitable for indoor or outdoor environment.
• The compressing chamber is an independent hand-pushed trolley, easy for replacement and garbage sorting
• Independent compression cars, can be used to compress a variety of domestic waste on the ship
• Once the door is opened, the power for the electric furnace is immediately cut off to guarantee the operators' safety

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