garbage baler,garbage compactor

Electric type garbage baler

This balers combines a sack compactor for general waste with a baling press for cardboard and plastic film. The compacts general waste into cubic plastic bags that are easy to transport. The baling bands can be used as handles, making it easy for crew to handle the bails.
The compactor has unique double-stroke and stay-n-hold functions for an increased compaction rate of over 90%, and the press head has a proven press force of over five tons. It is electromechanical, meaning it is quiet and there is no hydraulic oil leakage or mechanical deterioration over time. It features plug-and-play installation with automatic phase order control. An indication is given when a chamber is full.

Key Benefits

• Efficient, clean and silent electromechanical drive
• Compaction in durable plastic sacks
• Compaction and baling in one single unit
• “Double-stroke” and “Stay-n-Hold” functionality
• 6 ton pressing power – up to 90% volume reduction
• No deterioration in efficiency after years of operation
• Easy to retrofit; “Plug-n-Press” installation
• Over 500 units supplied in recent years

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