garbage grinder

Wet type garbage grinder

Kitchen waste disposers are fast becoming an essential part of the kitchen, especially in a world where we’re all trying to cut down on the amount of unrecyclable waste that we produce. Kitchen waste is one of those things, especially in busy family homes. While some waste can be put into compost, the rest will have to go in the bin. This will quickly fill up the bin and lead to more trips to the outside bin, and ultimately more waste sent to a landfill.
The solution is to stop that waste from ever reaching the bin, and that’s where a food waste disposal unit comes into play.

A waste disposal unit from InSinkErator works without the need for blades or knives. Instead, it uses a spinning metal plate to push the waste against a grinding ring, crushing the waste down into fine particles. These particles are then pushed through small holes and out into the standard drainage system.

Key Benefits

• Foodservice design with the ease and flexibility of a household unit
• Disposer mounting included with unit. Mounting fits standard 3-1/2-4" (88.9 mm-101.6 mm) sink opening. No welding required
• Automatic reversing motor for longer life and trouble-free operation
• Stainless steel grind chamber
• Cast nickel chrome cutting element
• Continuous-duty commercial motor

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