Industrial Valve Summit

22-23 May 2019

IVS – Industrial Valves Summit is set up to bring together all decision makers involved in valve technologies and flow control solutions. The event is born to attract the entire supply chain of the valve industry and is held every two years. If you are looking for growth in the valve technologies market, then IVS 2019 is one of your best marketing solutions. IVS – Industrial Valves Summit provides a biennial forum where industry leaders can address technical issues, introduce pioneering technology and share lessons learned about valve technologies and flow control solutions.


Valve World Expo

27-29 November 2018

The Valve World Expo is one of the most important international trade fairs for valves and industrial valves. Specialists can gather specific information on innovations, new products and processes. It is an opportunity to meet all of the important decisionmakers of an entire industry and present your portfolio and your potential there, where international experts gather information on the technologies of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. For example, in the following categories:valves,valve components and parts,actuators and positioners,pumps,compressors,engineering services and software,associations and publishers.


The 8th Asia-Pacific International Pump and Valve Exhibition

19-21 November 2018

As one of the largest pump and valve exhibitions in China, the exhibition focus on the latest products and technologies in the pump and valve industry and applications. It helps companies to establish a brand image, deepen the understanding of the new development trend of the pump and valve, and explore the new demand of the pump and valve market. The exhibition organizes professional visitors in all aspects and at multiple levels, and provides a technical exchange and products display for exhibitors and participating merchants.


PCVExpo 2018

23-25 October 2018

The 17th International Exhibition on Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Actuators and Engines is an exhibition for those who are moving forward and are achieving high results, while introducing new technologies and development. It is for those who care about their business development and create the basis for economic growth in Russia. Every year, PCV Expo brings together thousands of exhibitors representing pumps, compressors, valves, actuators and engines markets. It is here that the industry trends are created, new products are demonstrated, and important strategic agreements are reached.



4-7September 2018

SMM is the leading international trade fair of the maritime industry. Every two years, representatives of the maritime industry and experts from all over the world gather in Hamburg to showcase innovative developments and leading-edge technologies, and discuss the industry's prospects.


International Shipbuilding Experts Forecast Meeting helded in South Korea

20-21 June 2018

Hosted by the Korea Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering Association, the International Shipbuilding Experts Forecast Meeting was held in Seoul, South Korea. Thirty-six representatives of ship market experts from China, Europe, Korea and Japan attended the meeting. The conference focused on the development of the shipbuilding market in major shipbuilding countries and regions, explored the global economy and energy demand, and fully exchanged and discussed relevant issues such as the future demand and medium- and long-term trends of the global new shipbuilding market.