Membrane Air Dryer

membrane air dryer

How it Works

Water vapor from the supplied compressed air passes & diffuses through the walls of a boundle of hollow fibers of the membrane, At the same time, a small portion of the dry air product is redirected along the length of the fibers to sweep out the water vapor loaded air which has permeated the membrane. The moisture-loaded sweep air is then vented to the atmosphere. The clean & dry air is supplied for your application.

Features & Benefits

•Proven technology with high performance
•Dew points as low as up to -40°C
•Compact and lightweight design, to save installation space
and easily integrate into compressed air systems
•No electricity, lowering operating costs
•Prevent freeze problem with lower dew points
•No desiccant to change
•Explosion proof
•Silent operation, no moving parts
•Maintenance free
membrane air dryer
membrane air dryer