Refrigerated Air Dryer

refrigerated air dryer

How does the UD dryer work?

refrigerated dryer uses a refrigerant circuit and heat exchanger to precool air, refrigerate it to condense out moisture vapor, and then heat exchange it with the incoming untreated air to increase the air temperature, to prevent pipe sweating downsteam and save the energy. Refrigerated dryers can lead to a pressure dewpoint (PDP) as low as +3°C/ +37.4°F for many applications where there is a need for dry air. They can be used at different pressures and consume no processed compressed air.

Features & Benefits

•Innovative Impulse Technology system for control of the drying capacity via impulse adjustment of the refrigerant liquid flow or due to the thermal mass effect.
•Compact 3-in-1 aluminium heat exchanger with optimised perfect countercurrent heat exchange, it contains a stainless steel condensate separator
•Minimal load losses (average 0.09 bar) through fluid dynamic optimisation and the large transfer sections
•Constant dew point under every operating condition
•Low environmental impact and reduced carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the Impulse Technology energy saving system and the use of R134a and R410A environmentally friendly refrigerants
•Quick and easy installation
•Simplified maintenance
•Maximum reliability
refrigerated air dryer
refrigerated air dryer