rubber expansion joint

Rubber expansion joint TF series

TF series expansion joints are designed to alleviate piping larger stress, absorb pipe greater misalignment, compression and extension, noise and vibration greater than single sphere ones.

EPDM liner expansion joints in High-Tech design for water, cold and warm waste water, seawater, cooling water, hot air, also with chemical additives for water treatment, low concentrated acids and alkalis, technical alcohols, eaters and ketones.

Temperature (depending on medium) range -30°C up to +100°C, temporarily up to +120°C.

Not suitable for all kinds of mineral oil products, cooling water with added oil containing corrosion preventatives, oily compressor air.

NBR liner expansion joints designed for petroleum based products, DIN EN fuels up to 50% aromatic content, cooling water with oily anticorrosion additives, lubrication and hydraulic oil, seawater. Temperature (depending on medium) range -30°C up to +90°C, temporarily up to +100°C.

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